Gibson Oncology has a unique portfolio of 5 small molecules for cancer therapy discovered at the National Cancer Institute and Purdue. These agents have both Topo-1 as well as C-MYC activity and already have had 5 clinical trials completely supported by the NCI in recurrent solid tumors and lymphomas.  Our lead agent, LMP 744, is currently in a human clinical trial supported by the NIH with non-dilutive financing. after it had a dramatically effective canine veterinary trial for lymphoma supported by the NCI.  LMP744 also has an increasing number of important preclinical studies as the NIH explores other cancers beyond solid tumors and lymphomas in which it can be effective.  This is described in more detail in Our Story.
Finally, Gibson has a second generation of newly invented and patented drugs, also showing combined Topo-1 and C-MYC activity known as the 7-Azaindenoisoquinolines (the AZAs). These agents also show Topo-1 effects not by traditional camptothecin mechanisms found in older drugs like Irinotecan and Topotecan. Gibson has demonstrated that the AZAs work on C-MYC inhibition epigenetically through the G-quadraplex. To date we have demonstrated the AZA properties in a wide range of cancer cell lines and is now conducting in-vivo trials.