Elizabeth L Rogers MD

Founder & Board Member

Chief Operations Officer

Dr. Rogers is an experienced academic physician and business health care executive trained in three medical specialties. She has been Professor and/or Associate Dean at Yale University School of Medicine, Duke University School of Medicine, and the University of Maryland School of Medicine. Her academic background includes training, certification, and practice in the areas of Internal Medicine, Geriatrics, and Gastroenterology. Oncology.

As a healthcare administrator, she ran large healthcare organizations and used her clinical, research, and administrative skills in biotech companies in the areas of oncology, cardiology, and pain management. She was Director of Medical Affairs for a biopharmaceutical company specializing in innovative delivery of pain medications that was listed on NASDAQ and was successfully sold for over $200 million. She has been a Board Director of a cardiovascular drug development company that started as a private company and was listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and NASDAQ. Prior to joining Gibson Oncology, Dr. Rogers was the director of a stem cell company now in Phase II trials.